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A qualified HVAC contractor can make all the difference in the comfort of your home or business. One Way Mechanical, LLC is a top-notch HVAC company in Henryville, Indiana. We have years of experience providing HVAC maintenance services and doing replacement and installation work.

Call 812-595-2529 now to get a service estimate. If you hire an HVAC contractor from One Way Mechanical, we'll waive the estimate fee.

Trust HVAC contractors with values

When you need HVAC service work done, turn to a trustworthy HVAC company. We offer fair pricing and efficient service, and we're guided by Christian values. We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to a thriving business. You'll always get expert repair, installation and maintenance services when you hire us.

Resolve your air conditioning or heating issues today by turning to One Way Mechanical in Henryville, Indiana.

HVAC Service Inspection


Schedule a Service Inspection today to ensure that your HVAC/R system is operating at peak performance. If any repairs are needed we will reflect a discount of the Service Inspection on the final Invoice. Now That's Service!!!

Is One Way Mechanical the right HVAC company for you?

Home and business owners around Henryville turn to One Way Mechanical for many reasons-here are just a few:

  • We have years of experience
  • We are licensed and insured
  • We offer competitive pricing